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Asian Location (Dedicated Servers)

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Asian Location (Dedicated Servers)

Asian Location, fully equipped, full performance of dedicated servers.

Model CPU RAM Disk Bandwidth Location Price
As DED 1 Single Intel E-2276G (6 x 3.8Ghz) 64 GB ECC DDR4 1x1 TB NVMe 1Gbps / 5TB Singapore

$1,810.49 (Yearly)

As DED 2 Single Intel E-2276G (6 x 3.8Ghz) 128 GB ECC DDR4 1x1 TB NVMe 1Gbps / 5TB Singapore

$2,431.57 (Yearly)

As DED 3 Intel E5-2670 (Octa Core) 64 GB ECC DDR4 1x1 TB SSD 100Mbps / 5TB INDIA

$2,098.25 (Yearly)

As DED 4 Intel 2 x E5-2670 (16 Core) 128 GB ECC DDR4 1x1 TB SSD 100Mbps / 5TB INDIA

$2,338.05 (Yearly)

As DED 5 Intel 2 x E5-2670 (16 cores) 256 GB ECC DDR4 1x1 TB SSD 100Mbps / 10TB INDIA

$3,177.35 (Yearly)

As DED 6 Cascade Lake Refresh Silver 4210R 128 GB ECC DDR4 1x2 TB NVMe 1Gbps / 5TB Singapore

$3,424.04 (Yearly)

As DED 7 Cascade Lake Refresh Silver 4210R 128 GB ECC DDR4 1x2 TB NVMe 10Gbps / 10TB Singapore

$4,615.55 (Yearly)


Free Transfer of Your Sites

From cPanel to cPanel we have free web sites transfer for all server and hosting orders.

You do not have to be an expert!

You do not need to be an expert for server administration and security. Thanks to our experienced and expert team, your servers are in the right hands.

Full Performance and Full Hardware

All our servers are kept up to date and presented to you with modern hardware and software.

Hassle-free and Secure!

In our servers, all known optimization and security measures are being implemented and necessary precautions are taken to avoid any adverse events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated server is a server leasing solution where all the resources of a physical server (software and hardware) are allocated to a single user. You can install the operating system you need the server you are renting, you can manage your server with the desired hosting control panel.

What is the delivery time of the dedicated server?

Dedicated Server installation is delivered within the same day by setting hardware and software features that you prefer during ordering.

Do you make refunds?

Unfortunately, there is no reimbursement guarantee for server orders.

Do you provide technical support for server management?

All our servers are delivered as managed and we will provide all supports . However, we provide technical support on issues such as problems, errors or information.

Do you make security settings and optimizations?

All server orders are provided with necessary security configurations and optimization procedures before delivery, and your side is delivered in this way.

What does a dedicated server do?

A dedicated server allows you to securely host any business service or application. As a single-tenant solution, it provides you with improved data protection and more control compared to shared hosting platforms. It lets you host websites, databases, multimedia applications, streaming services, productivity applications, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and other services.?

Why choose Dedicated hosting?

Organizations that need to meet consistent 24/7 performance demand can choose a dedicated server to protect their workloads, ensure seamless service delivery, and provide an excellent experience to their customers. This option is more expensive than shared hosting and it is often used for robust architectures or demanding applications.

What are the advantages of Dedicated Server?

The key advantage of a dedicated server over shared hosting is its performance potential. With improved hardware components, it can support even the most demanding workloads and ensure consistent delivery even at peak times. Additional advantages include security, flexibility, and scalability.

What is the difference between a VPS and a dedicated server?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) solution is very similar to a dedicated server in terms of performance potential and data security. The difference is in the delivery, i.e. a VPS is a virtualized environment on a shared hosting platform, while with a dedicated server you have full control over your resources.

Are my dedicated servers DDoS-protected?

Yes. we provide bundled DDoS mitigation as a completely free service with each of our dedicated server hosting plans. The free DDoS protection for small and medium-size attacks enables you to keep your online business available without adding extreme DDoS protection costs to your bottom line.

What are my SLAs and support options?

Bare metal servers come with industry-leading SLA guarantees of 100% network uptime, 20-minutes response times, and 4-hour hardware replacement guarantees. A 24/7 NOC department is at your disposal for support and questions.

How is server bandwidth billed?

Dedicated hosting gives you access to premium carrier blend with 100% uptime SLA (check out carriers in each location on our network map). The offerings include either a 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps uplink and use a packaged bandwidth model. We include maximum of 15TB or 5TB free bandwidth (depending on your server deployment location) with all base server configurations and you can easily scale the bandwidth allotment size with our upgrade packages if you have higher data transfer requirements.